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Gaia, my name means Mother Earth!  One of my proudest moments was giving
birth to a baby that was born to dance.  Jasmine!

Gaia discovered her passion for the sacred art of East African Bellydance in
2004 under the artistic direction of Arianna al Tiye. Gaia is the founder of
Nubian Angels; an African fusion based Bellydance Company for girls ages
five to sixteen. Gaia is an original company member of Troupe Wahad, and became a junior

company member of NMDDC in 2007.  With my association with
Nubian Moon Daughters it has granted me the opportunity to perform at
Rakkasah East and West, the largest Bellydance festival in the United States
& International African Arts Festival.  As well as solo performances at
Harlem YMCA Little Theater, and Lafayette Bar and Grill.

I have studied with Oya and Embora Wellness studios and now with for the
past two years with Tamar Raqs at Restoration Dance Theatre.  Adding to my
performance resume Solo performance at Jebron and two years group
performance at BAM Café.

Most of all I have to thank the creator!  I never could have made it without
you!  My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


Samirah born Samirat Rivers began her dance career at the early age of 9, attending Kips Bay Boys and Girls dance program.  It wasn?t until she matured into an adult that she realized her love and passion for dance.  She always knew there was an untapped gift inside her that was waiting to be shown to the world.  While in college Samirah, studied under Denise Perry of Perry Studios in Harlem, NYC.  There she cultivated her dance education by studying Modern, Jazz, African and Belly Dance. 2009.  While Samirah is still studying the art of Belly Dance this love affair with it is hardly over. 


Samirah, which is the Arabic root of her name, meaning ?entertaining companion,? Samirah plans on dazzling the world with this ancient art form of dance.It was there that she realized her enthusiasm for belly dance and through the dance learned about celebrating womb health, honoring ancestors,  and just learning to love all aspects of being a woman.  Belly dance provides her with a healthy workout and lifestyle and enforced sisterhood with the women in the belly dance community.  After studying with Lateefah Fleming for two years, Samirah began studying with Arianna Halima al Tiye and later joined Nubian Moon Daughters Dance Company in


"Segulah" is a Hebrew word meaning "treasure".  Segulah, born Angela Williams, had a love for dance since early childhood, with her first dance teacher being her older beloved sister Joyce.  Segulah began studing ethnic dance as a child, and later began more serious training in West African,Modern and jazz.  Her studies introduction to Belly Dance started in 2003 under Nalani Valetine at the TDYCC in Westchester. She also performed with the Westchester Soltices at TDYCC.  Her studies in Danse Oriental and folklore began


with Arianna al Tiye in 2004, later journeying with Arianna in 2008 to further her study dance abroad in Egypt under Ms. Al Tiye's mysteries of Isis Tours: program in dance studies.  She was an original company member of Troupe Wahad and became a junior company member of NMDDC in 2007-2010.  Segulah is also a Co Founder of "Pure Onyx Movement".

Peace & Blessings to all who have danced before me and all those to come.

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