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Posted by pureonyxmovement on May 20, 2015 at 2:15 PM



We can't express what a true blessing and wonderful ride this has been. At inception and conception we never imagined we would be celebrating 5 years of Pure Onyx Movement excellence. We are excited to share our joy with you!

Join us Saturday, May 30th for our Sister's Keeper Anniversary Party!

We are going to party like Raqstars! Here's what you can expect:

Dance performances by POM Empresses that worked together to create their own choreo

Of course our Angels will be performing!

We are inducting one new Empress

Two of our lovely Angels are moving up to Diamonds status!

We welcome a new Diva

DINNER is included!

So....pull out that fancy gown that you have been dying to wear. This is a formal dinner, show with dancing!

Tickets Prices:

Adults: $30 before May 25th....$35 after

Children (12 and under): $20 before May 25th....$25 after

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